Travel grants – Application period is closed. Welcome back 2023!

Helsingborg is a sister city to Pärnu in Estonia and Dubrovnik in Croatia. Every year students have the opportunity to apply for scholarships for a study trip to one of these places.

Students at Campus Helsingborg writing their thesis during the bachelor or master degree program. The scholarship will enable students to broaden their paper by collecting material or studying the subject matter from a perspective that had not been possible at home.

Write an application for a maximum of two A4 pages and send it to by 31th of January 2022. The application must contain the project title, project idea, your name and what education you are attending, as well as contact information. Applications are assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

-Academic relevance and quality.
-The scholarship candidate/s personal interests and motivation for why they want to be awarded the scholarship.
-The relevance of the topic choice for the sister town and for Helsingborg. Comparative studies are particularly meritorious.
-The credibility and feasibility of the application in relation to the time and financial resources available.

The scholarship will be used for travel and accommodation costs for a student or a smaller group during approximately one week of field studies. The sum is calculated on flights and accommodation for one week.

All students will receive their decision in mid-February 2022.

-Innovation and municipal development
-How has the tourism industry in Dubrovnik / Pärnu been affected by the Corona pandemic?
-Estonia has come a long way in their digitalisation work. How is this felt in a municipality like Pärnu?
-How do they work with sustainable tourism in Dubrovnik / Pärnu?
-Parts of Dubrovnik are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. How do you handle issues related to infrastructure or new construction in such an environment? Are there lessons we can benefit from in Helsingborg?
-How does Dubrovnik work with smart city solutions, such as smart parking or smart benches with solar panels?

-How do you handle the social situation in a society filled with post traumatic stress as a result of the civil war?
-Quantity or quality – How do you act to increase the revenue from Dubrovnik’s tourism without tearing it down and destroying the attractions?
-Tourism Overload? The impact of cruise tourism on a destination with a strong historical and cultural profile.
-Mobile shopping in practice: A comparative study between two countries with different degrees of development of ICT infrastructure
-“This is Dubrovnik, not Kings Landing!”: A case study on authenticity in Dubrovnik
-How can a medium-sized city work with events to attract tourists and create an attractive destination?

-The social situation in transition economies – how does a changed political system affect the individual?
-Old tourism meets new – According to the socialist model, how should Spaturism be transformed into a modern luxury spa or experience tourism?
-Is the environment involved? – How is the environment affected by a dynamic economic climate and new requirements.
-Eastern European retail – the secondary market meets Prada, on how to eradicate or exploit the gaps in a fractional economy.
-Digital procurement in the construction industry
-Communicating a Destination Brand in a Post Tourism Era: Stakeholder’s Roles in the Co-Construction of the Destination Brand Image
-Estonia has come a long way in digitalisation issues. How is this perceived in a logistical context where the survey also includes consideration for the environment?

For questions, contact Hanna Myrbäck,

Campus Vänner

As a student at Campus Helsingborg it is possible to apply for grants through Campus Vänner (”Campus Friends”). Their aim is to spur students to inspiring achievements with grants from local businesses. Former grants have been for study trips, participation in conferences, acquiring specific equipment and for arranging seminars and lectures.

Read more about Campus Vänner and how to apply for their grants at their webpage:


How would you like to improve Helsingborg? From the City of Helsingborg’s Visionsfonden (”Vision fund”) you can apply for economic support up to 100 000 SEK, in order to realize innovative activities and projects that will develop Helsingborg towards the city’s vision Helsingborg 2035. You can apply as an association, organization, business or individual and the application is always open. Decisions are made four times per year.

Application and further informaiton can be found here (translate site at the bottom of the page)

See projects that have previously been backed (in Swedish only)